What is Cold Plasma

Im very excited to introduce the newest innovation product in the field of medicine and cosmetology alike – which is able to solve a wide spectrum of aesthetic and medical skin problems.

Cold plasma is an ionised gas and is the fourth state of the substance, which is harmless on the skin. It’s natural and painless and is a great alternative to a costly cosmetic surgery, including injections, peeling and laser treatments.

Cold plasma works on regenerating the skin as well as having an antibacterial effect, which help with range of skin problems.

  • It works on reducing wrinkles
  • Slowing down age factor
  • Stimulates natural production of elastin and collagen
  • Age spots and pigmentation
  • Smoothing the scar tissue
  • Stretch marks and skin defects
  • Rosacea, dermatitis, psoriasis, cooperpsis
  • Cures acne, improves skin tone and colour
  • Saggy skin
  • Facelift (Full oval)
  • Large pores
  • Dandruff, seboroa, alopecia, etc
  • And overall improving skin condition
Before And After

Cold plasma normalises the production of sebum and hence can reduce the appearance of black spots it also has a tightening and lifting effect of the face and helps with sagging skin.

Cold plasma is truly a new way forward in the beauty industry if you are looking for a more natural solution to a variety of skin problems!

Cold Plasma also has little or no down time. It has a mild peeling effect of the top layer of the skin without traumatising the epidermis, at the same can penetrate the deeper layer of the skin to promote regeneration.

It will leave your skin beautiful and young and take years off in just one procedure.

  • Pregnancy
  • Epilepsy
  • Pacemaker

What our client says

Kristina made me made me feel so comfortable she is all about keeping the natural beauty and thats exactly what Im after ! The place it it self is beautiful .The services they and products that were offered to me all quality !I have returned many times and highly recommend this place , you will leave feeling recharged and beautiful!

– Astra Locks

Kristina is amazing at what she does! She has years of experience with Endomologie and gives a thorough treatment every time. You won’t be disappointed! Highly recommended.

– Harmonize Skin & Body

Love my LPG sessions at Bayside Endermologie with Kristina! I noticed a difference after 3 sessions. The result is especially visible on my arms – a nice shape has returned. Also hips reduced in size. And I actually just enjoy it as a massage all over my body, including my back and my neck – I noticed it helps with a headache too!

– Anna Shersheneva

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