If you’re interested in non-invasive fat-reduction procedures, you may have heard of both endermologie and CoolSculpting.

But what’s the difference?

Both procedures are popular, so we are here to help you understand the differences between the two.

Here’s what you need to know when considering endermologie vs CoolSculpting.

Fat-Reduction Methods

Endermologie and CoolSculpting use very different methods to reduce cellulite and fat. Endermologie uses specialised rollers to provide a deep, relaxing massage. This massage penetrates deep below the skin where fat cells are. This massage has been fine-tuned to help loosen the fat cells in your body, meaning the fat can be flushed out by increasing your water intake.

When the fat cells are massaged, cellulite is smoothed out. The skin is also stimulated to produce more collagen, which tightens skin and gives it more elasticity. Full-body endermologie will massage areas where stubborn fat cells tend to hide. By increasing blood flow, releasing fat cells, and stimulating collagen in your skin, endermologie can help you get rid of fat and improve the overall look and health of your skin.

CoolSculpting uses a drastically different approach to reducing fat and cellulite. As the name suggests, areas of the body are targeted and the fat cells are frozen between two cooling panels. The cooling damages the fat cells, which helps them detach from the inner lining of your skin, allowing the fat to be flushed out.

Session Length and Frequency

Endermologie sessions typically lasts 45 minutes and can be done one to two times per week minimum, until the result is achieved. With endermologie, you’re getting a deep-tissue massage with specialised machines to help reduce fat and cellulite in your body. Everyone is unique, meaning everyone starts to see results after varying lengths of treatment time. Some may see results in a few short weeks, while others might need to have regular sessions over a period of a few months to start seeing results.

In order to help the process, patients are encouraged to eat healthy, exercise, and increase their water intake to help flush away the fat cells. While endermologie is a powerful fat-reduction technique, there are other lifestyle components that can help with the success of the treatment.

A CoolSculpting session typically takes up to an hour or more depending on the area or areas that you want treated. Like endermologie, patients may start to see results in a few weeks, but most patients begin to see results within 3-4 months.

Side Effects

There’s no need to worry about your endermologie treatment – this specialised massage is completely safe and there are no known side effects. By using deep issue rollers and specialised suction massage machines, endermologie is a completely non-invasive approach to fat and cellulite reduction.

CoolSculpting can cause bruising, swelling, and redness around the treatment area. You may also experience some numbness around the area. As the cold panels freeze the fat, the area around the fat may also be exposed to the cold panels, which can cause mild side effects.

Why Bayside Endermologie?

While endermologie and CoolSculpting may sound similar, they’re vastly different. If you’re looking for a safe, effective way to reduce fat and cellulite throughout your body, endermologie is your answer. This proven technique has helped countless patients with fat reduction and with improving their skin. With no side effects and many benefits, endermologie is changing the face of fat-reduction.

At Bayside Endermologie, we believe in providing exceptional endermologie experiences. That means getting world-class treatment from some of the area’s top endermologie experts. For more information on endermologie or to schedule your next appointment, contact the team at Bayside Endermologie today.