Endermologie is a revolutionary technique that has helped countless people reduce fat, smooth out cellulite, and improve the overall appearance of their skin, all while being non-invasive. If you’re not familiar with endermologie, you may be wondering how a non-invasive technique can achieve all of those things.

This full-body treatment is one of the most effective ways to reduce fat and improve the look of cellulite. Sometimes diet and exercise alone isn’t enough. If you’ve been struggling with fat and cellulite and can’t seem to get the results you’re looking for with diet and exercise, here’s what to expect with a typical endermologie treatment.

Rollers and Suction Massage

Endermologie is often described as a deep-tissue, relaxing massage. By using specialised rollers, the team at Bayside Endermologie loosen the fat cells under your skin. These rollers have a similar impact to liposuction. The fat is worked away from the skin, which helps break down the fat cells and detach the cells from the inner lining of your skin.

In addition to these rollers, suction massage machines are used to lift the skin away from the fat skins and smooth out cellulite. This rolling and lifting combination is what makes endermologie so successful. By working the fat cells underneath the skin, the cells are broken down and are able to be flushed out of your system.

The rollers and suction massage machines also stimulate blood flow, which improves collagen production in your skin. Collagen gives your skin natural bounce and elasticity, meaning your skin can be tighter and smoother after endermologie treatments.

Is Endermologie Painful?

Endermologie is a completely non-invasive treatment with zero side effects. This specialised massage can be adjusted to your exact comfort level, so if the experience is uncomfortable in any way, just let our staff know and we will adjust the machines to ensure a comfortable experience.

Will I Lose Weight?

It’s important to understand that endermologie is not considered a weight loss treatment. While fat cells and cellulite are being flushed out of your system, this is not a treatment designed for losing weight. Endermologie is to help improve the look of your skin, your blood flow, reduce cellulite, and help break up fat cells in your body.

While endermologie won’t help you lose weight, you’ll want to eat healthy and get regular exercise to maximise the effectiveness of endermologie. If you’re not dieting and exercising, you might lose the results you’ve gotten from endermologie.

Being able to maintain a healthy diet and commit to regular exercise is important for losing weight, so even though endermologie won’t help with weight loss, eating healthy and exercising because you’re going through endermologie treatments can certainly help you lose weight.

Why Bayside Endermologie?

When it comes to endermologie treatments, there’s no better team in the area than Bayside Endermologie. Our team has years of knowledge and experience in the field of endermologie, and we are here to make your experience extraordinary. Whether you’re new to non-invasive fat reduction treatments or you’re just looking to try something different, our team can help.

We believe in the transformative power of endermologie, and have helped countless patients reduce fat and cellulite while also improving the look and health of their skin. Our team will have a one on one consultation to help map out your custom treatment plan. We pride ourselves in our ability to understand each and every patient’s unique needs. You know that you’re in good hands when you choose Bayside Endermologie.

For more information on endermologie treatments or to schedule your next appointment, contact the team at Bayside Endermologie today.