Why Endermologie

“Bayside Endermologie” uses the latest medical grade CELLU M6 Alliance device, which is 3 times faster and more powerful than previous models.

For over 30 years, LPG® Endermologie has been the only science based and FDA-approved treatment backed by clinically proven results.

The device was initially developed by a French engineer Louis-Paul Guitay (LPG) in the 1980s, to loosen scar tissue from burns and muscle damage he suffered in a car accident. Physical therapists and patients soon discovered it was effective at reducing the appearance of cellulite, too.

How Endermologie works and what it is used for

To achieve optimal results, research shows that 14-20 Endermologie sessions are needed, twice a week, followed by maintenance follow-up sessions

How Endermologie works and what it is used for

CELLU M6 Alliance device uses a combination of suction, rolling and flapping technology to stimulate the lymphatic and immune system, break up fat, eliminate toxins, reduce fluid retention, improve blood circulation and activate fibroblast cells, to produce new collagen and hyaluronic acid. This increased collagen can help thicken and mildly firm the skin tone. Because it’s a form of deep tissue massage therapy, the treatment can also help relieve muscle aches and pains.

It is often used to complement liposuction and other fat-reduction body treatments. By stimulating the lymphatic system, Endermologie encourages your body to drain excess fluids, which reduces swelling and inflammation and shortens liposuction recovery time. It improves body contouring results and makes the skin look firmer and smoother. As Dr. Ricardo Vega, a plastic surgeon in California, stated, “Endermologie is great after liposuction. It helps tighten and firm the skin, and also reduce cellulite.”

All Bayside Endermologie staff are certified endermologie experts, providing a quick 50 minute treatment which is painless with no downtime or side effects, unlike other more invasive cellulite treatments.

What our client says

Kristina made me made me feel so comfortable she is all about keeping the natural beauty and thats exactly what Im after ! The place it it self is beautiful .The services they and products that were offered to me all quality !I have returned many times and highly recommend this place , you will leave feeling recharged and beautiful!

– Astra Locks

Kristina is amazing at what she does! She has years of experience with Endomologie and gives a thorough treatment every time. You won’t be disappointed! Highly recommended.

– Harmonize Skin & Body

Love my LPG sessions at Bayside Endermologie with Kristina! I noticed a difference after 3 sessions. The result is especially visible on my arms – a nice shape has returned. Also hips reduced in size. And I actually just enjoy it as a massage all over my body, including my back and my neck – I noticed it helps with a headache too!

– Anna Shersheneva

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